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Dry Shampoo - Arrowroot & Cocoa Powder

Dry Shampoo - Arrowroot & Cocoa Powder


Over showering is a common problem that most of us face. It causes dry skin and hair and strips all the good oils from our bodies. Our all-natural organic and vegan friendly dry shampoo is the perfect solution to cut down the showers while keeping your hair/beard looking and feeling healthy. This dry shampoo will last you a long time because a little goes a long way. We use a mixture of arrowroot powder and organic cocoa powder, which soak up oil and grease naturally along with promoting healthy hair growth. There are no chemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances or preservatives added to our dry shampoo.

  • How to Use

    This can be used on your head, along with on your beard!! Use a large clean make-up or shave brush. We suggest doing this before you get dressed and over a sink because the powder can fall from the brush (It will not stain your clothes.) Brush your hair or beard as you usually would. Dab the brush lightly into the mixture, then gently tap the brush on the edge of the container to knock off the excess. Gently dab the brush directly on your roots, avoiding your part. Continue this a couple of times, also lifting the hair to get the underparts (Still avoiding the part). Then take the brush or use your hands to move the already-placed dry shampoo around. Start with less dry shampoo; if more is needed after spreading it around, add more. If your hair gets static, add a little water to your fingertips and gently wet the static areas.

  • Ingredients

    Arrowroot Powder, Organic Cocoa Powder, and 100% Pure Essential Oils.

  • Color Options

    **The difference in the color options are the amount of organic cocoa powder added to the mixture**
    Light: For people with white, silver, very blonde, and light gray hair
    Medium: Broadest range that we offer for people with strawberry blonde, red, dirty blonde, light brown, brown, dark gray hair.
    Dark: For people with black and very dark brown hair.

  • Scent Blends

    Rosemary & Lavender
    An earthy blend that features minty notes with a splash of sweat flowers. Lavender & rosemary prevents hair l, promotes hair growth and thickness.

    Cedarwood & Cassia
    This woodsy blend brings forth notes of sweet cinnamon and the great outdoors! Cedarwood prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth, while cassia treats and nourishes damaged hair.

    Cypress & Lemon
    The outdoorsy blend of cypress and lemon creates a woodsy and citrus aroma followed by a slight evergreen finish. Cypress helps promote hair growth, while lemon helps rid and prevent dandruff and oily hair.

    Clove & Wild Orange
    A warm blend that will bring you to a perfect day of sipping apple cider. It helps in detoxing the hair and bringing out that natural shine.

    Clary Sage & Grapefruit
    Sweet soft citrus & herbal. This blend smells like the first spring breeze of new growth.

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