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Coffee Face & Body Scrub

Coffee Face & Body Scrub


Hippie Crap coffee face and body scrub features local, fresh, and finely ground coffee beans from Duluth Coffee Company, coconut oil, and raw unfiltered honey, making it perfect for exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. The coffee grounds help exfoliate the skin, while the coconut oil and honey provide a moisturizing glow.

  • How to Use

    This scrub does the job so well that you only need to use it at most once a week and as few as once a month, depending on your skin and lifestyle. If you are very active and outside a lot getting dirty, we suggest using it once a week to every two weeks. If you are indoors a lot we suggest only once every three weeks to once a month. Stir with cosmetic spatula or shake well before using. Gently massage scrub on the skin and rinse with warm water. Avoid getting in your eyes, nose and mouth for it does not taste as good as it smells. Don't give into the temptation!

  • Ingredients

    Locally sourced fresh and fine ground coffee beans (Duluth Coffee Company), organic coconut oil, locally sourced raw unfiltered honey and pure essential oils.

  • Scent Blends

    This scrub option has no added essential oils, so you are getting the full coffee smell! If you are a coffee lover, this is the way to exfoliate!

    Coffee and Tea Tree
    Same fresh coffee smell, but complimented by Tea Tree oil to give it an extra sweet and minty aroma! Along with that, the tea tree oil can bring forth many benefits to the skin, like treating acne and preventing bacterial and fungal infections!

    Coffee grounds blended with organic cocoa powder to add a chocolate smell to the fresh coffee aroma! Organic cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants and helps repair skin.

    Peppermint Mocha
    Fresh coffee, peppermint, and organic cocoa powder to create the beautiful peppermint Mocha aroma! Peppermint helps treat and prevent acne while calming the body and creating a cooling sensation. Organic cocoa powder is rich in antioxidants and helps repair the skin, along with smelling like chocolate!

    Coffee Cake
    Fresh coffee grounds with raw granulated sugar and a touch of pure vanilla extract and cassia, which smells like cinnamon. This blend might make you hungry after using it. While the coffee grounds and sugar exfoliate the skin, the vanilla helps calm and smooth irritated skin. To make this combination even better, we add cinnamon to help treat and prevent acne along with adding a spice to this beautiful aroma.

    A mix of fresh ground coffee and sweet and subtly spicy notes of clove. It is the perfect combination to bring you to your favorite moments in autumn, including that warmth of a fire and hot apple cider.

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