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Hippie Crap LLC History

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Pay attention because there will be a quiz.

Our story begins years ago when our founder became curious about where common bath and beauty products were coming from and exactly what those long, complex ingredients really meant. If you have

ever looked up those ingredients in your lotions, body washes, shampoos, and/or conditioners, then you are no stranger to the horrors. This research was a bit discouraging because not only are these ingredients in our everyday bath and beauty products harmful, but the clean products cost an arm and a leg! That was her turning point. She started making lotions, body washes, etc.; experimenting with different recipes and all sorts of blends. She has been making these products for years and decided to share them with the world by opening Hippie Crap LLC.

The Hippie Crap LLC Team

Hippie Crap is run by two women, who happen to be sisters, but that's just a fun fact for later... ;) Any-who, those two women are Kristina St. Arnold and Isabella Recob. Our founder is *drumroll* Kristina St. Arnold! Below is a descriptive quote of herself and her roles here at Hippie Crap LLC:

"I am the founder, finance manager, and product creator here at Hippie Crap LLC. I love traveling, learning, creating, gardening, and trying new things. I have a lot of respect for nature and practice that respect by living an environmentally conscious life and creating environmentally conscious products. My favorite things to do are going for walks and/or hikes in nature, watching the sunset as well as the moon rise, and share the things I love with all of the people I love."

Some fun facts about Kristina St. Arnold:

  1. Her favorite animal is a Koala

  2. She has lived in 5 different states

  3. Kristinas favorite color is typically Blue or Black, but she switches it up

  4. She is a moon lover, nature enthusiast, foodie, and traveler

  5. Her astrological sign is a Virgo

Now time for the other sister. Can we get another drumroll? No? Ok.

Well, anyway below is a descriptive quote from Isabella about herself and her roles at Hippie Crap LLC:

"Hey Hippies!

My name is Isabella, I am a very creative person, but I am also very strategic and logic based. I manage Hippie Crap LLC’s social media, website design, the overall look of the company, and some other odd jobs! My hobbies are honestly doing anything outside and taking road trips with my boyfriend Joshua, so far we have traveled to 22 states together and are planning on making it to many more! I am obsessed with dogs, so if you have any cute puppy pictures send them my way!"

Some fun facts about Isabella Recob:

  1. Her favorite TV show is Criminal Minds

  2. She loves the podcast True Crime Obsessed

  3. Isabellas favorite color is Orange

  4. Her astrological sign is Gemini

  5. Isabella is a big travel enthusiast, loves cooking (experimenting with spices is her favorite part), and she is a foodie

Now that you've gotten to know us, please leave us a description about you and let us know something we can improve on as a company! Oh, also head over to our social media platforms and see if you can pass the quiz (it will be posted 02/24/2022 @6pm Central time).

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