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Meet the Team


Kristina St. Arnold

Founder, Finance Manager & Product Creator


Isabella Recob

Social Media Manager, Hippie Crap Designer & Blogger

Kristina St. Arnold

"I am the founder, finance manager, and product creator here at Hippie Crap LLC. I love traveling, learning, creating, gardening, and trying new things. I have a lot of respect for nature and practice that respect by living an environmentally conscious life and creating environmentally conscious products. My favorite things to do are going for walks and/or hikes, watching the sunset as well as the moon rise, and share the things I love with all of the people I love."


Some fun facts about Kristina St. Arnold:

  1. Her favorite animal is a Koala

  2. She has lived in 5 different states

  3. Kristinas favorite color is typically Blue or Black, but she switches it up

  4. She is a moon lover, nature enthusiast, foodie, and traveler

  5. Her astrological sign is a Virgo

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